Welcome to our website

This site is a work in progress so please bear with us as we continuing to make changes and updating it.

Our main purpose of this site is to share our interests, hobbies, and fun stuff with family and friends.

The site is currently divided into six main sections:

1. Corvette Pages which is all about our Corvettes, the work Barry has done on them to fix them up including photo documentation of all work performed on them, a large Corvette technical area, and other Corvette things of interest.

2. Linda's Pages which is Linda's area and includes pictures and links of her interests, etc

3. Our Pets which is all about our pets of course which include Chewie, the Border Collie, and Millie and Minnie, the two Calico cats.

4. Humor and Fun Stuff which is text, video, pictures and audio humor, jokes, and pretty much anything that we find "funny".

5. Vacations/Parties which is a collection of various photo albums of vacations, parties, and/or other fun things that Linda and have done and enjoyed.

6. PhotoThrow which shows the PhotoThrow blankets that we sell. .

Please enjoy our site and come back often


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